Be a Zero Hunger Hero: Don’t waste food

Be a Zero Hunger Hero: Don’t waste food
Image Source: FAO

 Promise yourself that you won’t waste food again, Make  #ZeroHunger world.


Reference :Food & Agriculture Organization published on 26th May 2017

Do you remember when was the last time you wasted you food, tossed food inside bin?

May be it was just yesterday or this morning or just this evening. Food waste has become a dangerous routine. Most of us have this habit and it is developing like a contagious disease. About 1/3 of the food we produce worldwide is lost or wasted. Again in developing countries about 40% of this food is lost at the harvesting stage. This is called food lost. There is another term known as food waste, which is also about 40%. This lost is at the consumer or retail stage. It is throwing away food that is not bought at stores or food that is not eaten at restaurants, home and cafeterias.


Here are some habits which we can apply in our daily life which makes us a #ZeroHunger hero:

  • Start Small- Try to take small portions of food at home and if in restaurant share large dishes
  • Leave nothing behind- Try not to leave anything behind, and even you do, keep remains for another meal or use them in different dish.
  • Buy only what you need- Don’t just buy because it’s cheap or you like to buy stuffs. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. Don’t buy more than you can use.
  • Don’t be biased- Buy “ugly” or irregular shaped fruits and vegetables that is just as good but looks a little different.
  • Check your fridge- Storing food between 1 and 5 degree Celsius is best for maximum freshness and shelf-life.
  • First in, first out- Try using the product that you had brought previously. At the time of storing place the older products in the front and newer ones in the back.
  • See the dates- “Expiry date”, tells that the food gets expired after that date and it is not consumable. ”Use by”, indicates a date by which the food is safe to be eaten, while “best before” means the quality of food is best prior to that date, but it is still safe for consumption after it.
  • Compost- Some food waste might be unavoidable, so why not set up a compost bin!
  • Donate the surplus- Sharing is caring.


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