Top causes of death globally

Top causes death Globally- Comparison Communicable Non-Communicable diseases

Given are the Top 10 causes of death globally in the year 2015  and 2000 given by World Health Organization (WHO) . We can compare the shift of different diseases . There are some diseases which were on top 10 list in the year 2000 but not in 2015.  And there are some disease which were there in the year 2015 but not in 2000.

Top 10 causes of death in year 2015:

  1. Ischemic Heart Disease
  2. Stroke
  3. Lower respiratory infection
  4. COPD
  5. Trachea, Bronchus, Lung Cancers
  6. Diabetes mellitus
  7. Alzheimer disease and other dementias
  8. Diarrhoeal diseases
  9. Tuberculosis
  10. Road injury




In both the year 2015 and 2000, Ischemic Heart Disease was the top killer. Some other diseases followed by Stroke (2nd),  Lower Respiratory infection being in third position and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  at the forth position.

Diseases such as Preterm birth, Birth asphyxia and birth trauma and HIV/AIDS were on top 10 list in year 2000. Whereas in year 2015 these diseases were not seen but new diseases like Alzheimer disease and other dementia and diabetes mellitus  came into existence.



Image source :WHO