Important Days of Public Health Importance


Here are given some of the days and date one who is related to health professional must keep in mind.


Health Day Name


1. World Cancer Day 4th February
2. World Kidney Day 9th March
3. World Tuberculosis (TB) Day 24th March
4. World Health Day 7th April
5. World Immunization Week 24th – 30th April
6. World Malaria Day 25th April
7. World Asthma Day 2nd May
8. World Thalassemia Day 8th May
9. World Hypertension Day 17th May
10. World No Tobacco Day 31th May
11. World Environment Day 5th June
12. World Blood Donor Day 14th June
13. World Sickle Cell Day 19th June
14. World Hepatitis Day 28th June
15. World Alzheimer’s Day 21st September
16. World Heart Day 29th September
17. Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1st -31st  October
18. World Mental Health Day 10th October
19. World Anti-Obesity Day 11th October
20. World Arthritis Day 12th October
21. World Food Day 16th October
22. World Osteoporosis Day 20th October
23. World Polio Day 24th October
24. Lung Cancer Awareness Month 1st -30th  November
25. World Diabetes Day 14th November
26. World Antibiotic Awareness Week 14th November
27. World COPD Awareness Week 15th November
28. World Prematurity Day 17th November
29. World AIDS Day 1st December